Eating with intuition

I have long been a great believer in listening to the body when it comes to diet and eating. When the body really craves for something, then it makes sense that we should listen and incorporate it into the day’s menu.

Of course chocolate is often craved for and everything should be in moderation!

Too many diet fads are confusing and a merry go round of hope and disappointment but within each one there is usually a gem of an idea or notion, so not all bad, but there is a better way.

Putting back weight after successful weight loss is often because the eater will go back to harmful simple carbs, fat and sugar at times when they are given permission to eat them (like Sins!) instead of just making peace with all foods and eating them intuitively and with pleasure. Vitamin P!

Thinking about food all day long is a misery and just increases the longing so;

Start by paying attention while you’re eating, mindfully savouring every morsal and regularly placing the knife and fork down in order to pause the process while you slowly chew. Eating quickly and without thought can aid weight increases all on its own. And don’t eat under stress!

It takes a while to get this but with some time and emotional shifts in the mind, it works beautifully. You will find that you automatically reject food without any feelings of loss.

When I look at a piece of cake, I instantly ask – do I want this or do I want to stay slim and healthy? Occasionally I reply, yes it is worth it, especially if it’s home made and the cook is giving it with love! But most of the time I reject the cake because I genuinely don’t even want it. My body and mind has no wish to eat it, intuitively.

If you enjoy wine with your dinner then have a glass of red. Red wine has been shown to improve your gut health and no other alcoholic drink has shown this. Red wine aids cholesterol and weight levels by increasing gut microbiota diversity. Enjoy!

More of this in my next webinar;

How to reduce Stress and Lose Weight without Spending a penny and Going on a Diet.

Look out for this coming soon!

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