Look and Feel Great

In order to be a success in life we must expect success to happen to us!

Whatever that means to you in your life, be it wealth, health or happiness, you really must anticipate success in all that you do.

Doing this on it’s own is a confidence boosting response, which in turn will make your skin glow and your body language attractive.

Therefore we MUST envision fulfilment in our future.

We MUST envision that no matter what obstacles are in our way, we can overcome them.

We MUST envision success!

I often talk about not dwelling on the past and using failures to learn lessons about how to do things in the future. This is so important. My advice to you is to FOCUS on what you are grateful for and appreciate in your life and then turn your attention to what you want from life and TAKE ACTION.

The next thing you need is the time, energy and enthusiasm so make sure that what you want is realistic and that you really understand why you want those things. You need to feel enthusiastic and buzzed up to feel confident and to accomplish your aims

But most importantly you need to remember that like attracts like – If we go around looking miserable or beaten then energetic and happy people will avoid us like the plague. If we are one of those happy, optimistic people then similarly we will attract the same.

And what about the measurement of ‘success’?

Do you have an internal reference ie YOU determine what your success is measured by? Or an external reference ie you need other people’s input to tell you that you’re great? I’m sure you know which one is the most productive when it comes to self-esteem.

Are you a proactive person or a reactive person when it comes to searching out what you want? Reactive people can wait forever to achieve their dreams.

So write down what you have to be excited about in your life right now.

Or if you could be excited about something what would it be?

How can you make the things that you are not looking forward to more enjoyable?

Have you revisited your goals for this year to see if you are on track?

What else should you be doing?

Go on – just do it!

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