Optimism – Be unrealistic!

It’s really easy to feel pessimistic and negative at the moment. And it’s okay to have dips in your confidence and optimism but if these feelings are with you consistently then you are missing out on being the best you can be.

If your brain dimmer switch is set on anxiety or anger then you will be encouraging blame and shutting down the creative part of your brain.

The wonderful thing about optimists and why they are often successful is that they can have unrealistic expectations which means their brains will think of new ways of doing things whilst also being more determined for their lives to work out well. Their brain dimmer switch is set on high and bright, which makes them happy, confident, energetic and influential. People are attracted to optimism.

Whereas if you allow unhappy, worst scenario thoughts to dim your brain you will switch off all the opportunities that will undoubtedly come your way.

Just think ‘What’s the best that could happen?’

I have a favourite Chinese word. They use 2 symbols to spell the word ‘crisis’ which means;

Danger and Opportunity

How right they are!

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