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Eating with intuition

I have long been a great believer in listening to the body when it comes to diet and eating. When the body really craves for something, then it makes sense that we should listen and incorporate it into the day’s menu. Of course chocolate is often craved for and everything should be in moderation! Too […]

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Keeping a healthy Brain

There are some simple things we can all do to keep our brains healthy. For instance did you know that thousands of new hippocampus cells are made naturally each day? These are the cells that are important for consolidating short term and long term memory. The bad news is most of them die off again […]

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Welcome to Youthful-chi!

I am pleased to launch our new product and services to add life to your days and days to your life. My name is Nadia and I wanted to bring the very best I could find, to my clients, to help them look after their physical well-being as well as their mental health. I met […]

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