Next event is first in a series of webinars to help you Look good, Feel great, Stay Young And its FREE!

23 July 10am-11am

About this Event

The workshop will be interactive and due to its success is a repeat of the first in a series of webinars and workshops to enable you to Look good, Feel Great and Stay Young.

This will not be just the ‘What’ or a confirmation of your issues but the ‘How’.

I have spent many years adding knowledge to my coaching business, which has been helping individuals and teams in the East of England for 15 years, to include physical well being as well as personal confidence and mental well being.

I will be showing you simple steps that will make a difference without you embarking on yet another diet, lose weight and invariably put it all back on again. Nor does it involve major changes to your diet but instead it will be an enhancement to your relationship with food, as well as tackling daily stresses.

In this event I will be covering the following to enable you to understand the power of your mind and body and how stress affects both, including weight and health.

There will also be a guest speaker Rachel Turner, who will enlighten you on how to use tapping to reduce stress immediately and give a demonstration to take away with you.

And Steve who is an ex military weapons instructor officer who helped other military personnel deal with stress.

We will cover quite a bit in the hour and it may go over slightly so please bear that in mind, It will include;

Understanding the vibrations of your body. Get ready to be astounded at how clever your body really is and how you can tap into this.

Learn new strategies for mind and body well-being.

Tools to reduce stress that are easy to incorporate into your day

7 Important nutritional facts to enhance your relationship with food

Intuitive eating so that you can literally trust your gut!

Find out more about Youthful-Chi (Chi means energy and I’d love to start a journey of happiness and a healthy long life with you!)

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