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The subject is How to Banish Anxiety and Improve overall Well-being

About this Webinar event

Tues 1st December 2020 10.30am-11.30am

During challenging times, many people will experience anxiety. They can easily feel that there is no hope, no fun or nothing that they can do. They can feel helpless because they may have tried various ways that work for some but not for others. One size does not fit all.

Many will turn to medication, in desperation, but do not feel comfortable taking it.

This webinar is about showing you another way.

We will touch on why we can feel anxiety at different times in our lives and how it affects our minds and bodies.

In this hour long session you will learn about how our environment and diet affects our mental health and will also learn about vibrations and quantum physics and how we can use that for natural solutions.

You will learn about cost effective alternatives to medication and how they can help you.

Find out which foods can produce the right natural vitamins and chemicals, which to avoid and how we can change our environment to enjoy a healthier mind and body.

You will be introduced to…

A unique wellbeing product range to help your anxiety. Made with natural ingredients and infused with vibrational healing properties that treat the root cause of your symptoms.

And you will also tap into further coaching help and support, going forward, to ensure that you banish this debilitating disorder for good.

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